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Welcome to Twilight on the Western Door


Mason Winfield talks to
Madis Senner

Tonight on Twilight on the Western Door, Mason Winfield will be talking to Madis Senner from Syracuse, NY.

Some of the items discussed tonight will be:
  • Landscape Supernaturalism
  • Consciousness Coils
  • Trees of Peace
  • Power spots in the NY area
  • Dousing
  • Geopathic Stress

  • Author-researcher Mason Winfield is the host of TWILIGHT on the WESTERN DOOR: a program of interviews with diverse experts in fields of the spiritual, the supernatural, and the paranormal.

    Our name is a mix of themes. The half-light, dawn and dusk, was the time of enchantment for Europe’s Celtic societies. “Twilight knowledge” is that type of understanding that can only be met between day’s definition and night’s obscurity. Our base, Western New York, is the traditional territory of the Seneca Nation nicknamed, “Keepers of the Western Door.”

    Our guests range far beyond. Mystics, philosophers, shamans, researchers, parapsychologists, occultists, visionaries, paranormalists, First Nations elders and leaders in world-tradition take us from the roots to the cutting edge of human understanding.

    The paranormal as a field has only blurry categories, and "TotWD" doesn't try to fix boundaries. Instead, TotWD represents an original philosophy on the paranormal based neither on materialist disbelief nor spiritualist faith, and guided by every imaginable avenue of insight into these complex and uncharted fields.

    Your "witchcraft" is somebody else's spirituality. Your "magic" is somebody else's religion. Your "paranormal" is somebody else's normal. Is anyone wrong all the time? Is either side always right? Is there truly any such thing as "right," or is it merely, "more likely in this case"? TotWD tries to navigate a middle course seeking the unity of all the disciplines. At TotWD, we surf the overlap.

    There's a lot of talk out there about "spirituality" and "compassion." There are metaphysical studies you can take to get exposed to varieties of insight into the one. There are political gestures you can make to give at least the appearance of living to the other.

    If you want to express your spirituality, put it into practice every day, in every gesture. Live to your higher self.

    If you want to show your compassion, be nice to the barista at the Starbucks. Be nurturing to those who need you. Go out of your way to be positive to someone who may be having a hard day. Be gentle to those who can neither help you nor harm you.

    In short, love all life.

    If you have a question about a subject of the spiritual, supernatural or paranormal, don't hesitate to send it to this page. If it's something I think I can comment on helpfully – or one of our guest contributors – it might be a nice opportunity for shared growth. Contact mason@twilightonthewesterndoor.com