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The Haunted Pub Crawl! - 2016
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East Aurora   |   Canalside Buffalo

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H   A   U   N   T   E   D     H   I   S   T   O   R   Y     G   H   O   S   T     W   A   L   K   S

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The Haunted Pub Crawl–otherwise known as Mason Winfield’s “Haunted Hospitality Tours”–of upstate New York’s historic inns and taverns has entertained thousands of Crawlers since 2003. These informative tours that stroll from pub to pub take liberal breaks for socializing. They have a festive, ceremonial flair, too. Toasts are raised in honor of haunted pubs and local ghosts.
  The typical Crawl hits four pubs and takes about two and a half hours. It ends with a semi-formal closing ceremony that would do Shakespeare proud. All the while we delve into regional history, local tradition, neighborhood ghosts, and the grand high arts of supernatural storytelling. Haunted trivia questions and the natural conviviality of the event all contribute to a charming evening.

  The regular 2014 season will begin in the summer, but we often schedule special Crawls which we will announce on our Website and social media. We do many private Crawls, as well, and you can contact us through this website to arrange one. The Haunted Pub Crawl is easily modified to vehicle tourism, and we have done many such events for coaches and carriages.    

$20 per person*
(Does not include alcoholic beverages.)
*Small service fee applies to online orders

Advance reservations required. Click booking button above or send your check for $20 per person (with contact information) to:
Suite 240, 21 S. Grove St.
East Aurora, NY 14052